Empowering Migrant Founders To Startup in Germany

Run by migrant founders for migrant founders.

The Migrant Accelerator is a safer space run by migrant founders for migrant founders. We know the challenges you’re currently dealing with and want to say: You can do it! Our community consists of over 240+ members, who are investors, seasoned professionals, serial founders and people exploring entrepreneurship for the first time.


If you want to participate in Migrant Founders Office Hours as a mentor or investor or want to enable access through your organisation or event we’ll be happy to set up a call.

TMA Spring Batch 2024


According to Migrant Founders Monitor, every fifth founder in Germany has a migration background and is facing difficulties in accessing funding, dealing with government offices, banks whilst without a viable network. We want to provide the best value for our community members by helping them with these challenges whilst creating more awareness, visibility and acceptance for them in the wider public. We need to act now – only an inclusive startup ecosystem will be sustainable and ready to face the future.

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