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Spring Batch 2024


Analyze, plot, and showcase your medical research with seamless automation.
Shivangi Singh
Thomas Melzer
Julia Yukovich

Belle Health

At BelleHealth, we’re at the forefront of a new era in female healthcare, inspired by our mission to uplift women globally.
Victoria Schöffel
Rafael Schnaider


Imagine your AI chatbot understands the user’s goal (intent) effortlessly and remembers all previous conversations (context) with you.
Tameesh Biswas
Mateo Fava
Till Westermann

Deep Skin AI

Deep Skin AI is a a Berlin-based start-up, improving current AI tools for skin analysis. We detect acne levels and overall skin condition on every skin tone.
Kai Fröhner
Ludovica Lerma


LearnSlice helps trainers improve their trainees‘ engagement, knowledge and sense of belonging.
Alesia Kunts
Gerrit Halfmann


Loretta is your personal HealthSpace, where your individual needs come first and you can rely on a holistic approach to your health.
Daniel Townsend
Martin Schnöke


The World’s First AI tour guide
Abdullah Hassan
Luisa Flaig

reLi Energy

reLi is a start-up that is revolutionizing the way batteries operate.
Ashish Guhan Baskar
Laura Laringe
Krishna Kuma Rathinam


RESEARCHPRENEURS is an AI-driven platform that connects freelance R&D experts with impact companies to co-create open innovation.
Dr. Alevtina Evgrafova
Iranel González
Jennifer Valladares

The Common Language

We aim to help 281 million immigrants and digital nomads find the common language with authorities, banks, doctors, and business partners, wherever they are.
Yana Dulina
Konstantin Tokarev
Alexey Kononchuk


Topshelf is your digital bathroom shelf.
Sushrut Chafadker
Marietta Meister


The only African AI-powered recycling company that facilitate decentralised waste collection through direct incentives.
Wogu Nnodim Eliot
Ajirioghene Amadi
Phebe Ilesanmi

Pilot Cohort 2023


CodeMe is an AI-powered assistant that helps you develop your tech products with a simple command.
Angelina Ishnazarova
Abhijoy Sarkar


DeepFile is an AI powered file and document search.
Bayangmbe Mounmo
Francesco Meriggi

Devision X | Tuba.ai

DevisionX’s Tuba.AI is a No-Code AI platform for labelling and training data to automate machine learning processes.
Mahmoud Abdelaziz
Samar Hamdy
Mohamed Rashad


Kidsimply is an inclusive marketplace for kids toys and books.
May Kamya
Peter Kamya

My Beauty Hero

My Beauty Hero is a clean beauty marketplace for conscious beauty consumers from sustainable beauty brands.
Diana de Castro
Raul Richter


Myracle is a mixed reality learning app.
Omkar Pimple


The world’s most powerful protein search engine accelerates your protein engineering projects
Joseph Heenan


Slumber is an AI Enabled Medical Billing Software.
Samim Multaheb


Streetly is an app that assists and supports affected groups of people by providing the safest routes while walking alone.
Kira Dianova
Maksym Bondarenko


Studeez is an innovative platform that connects university students with each other to help them ace their exams.
Portrait: Founder Ahmad El-Ali
Ahmad El-Ali